Tonituri was born in the north western region of the continent, very well known for its wild lands and the people who inhabit this land. Most of its surface is a mountain range that even goes as far as the coasts. The shores there are commonly covered in storms that have comes from the North Sea. Some believe the reasons the storms are constant and so strong is because of the strong belief of Talos and some believe its old chaos magic from a past war.

The Illuskan Humans who live closest to the coast are all strong believers in Talos. Believing that the storms are a good thing, as it represents Change, which is what this world sorely needs. Every now and then a trail while comes to test the lands in the form of a great storm and it will be the Gods trying to change the world, make us all start over again because humanity has failed.

In the Clan, Tonituri is from he is one of the Clerics of their Talos shrine. He has been chosen to carry the ashes of the Paladin that tried to stop Talos’ work. This is tradition that someone carries them so part of his soul that is still in his ashes do see the new world.

The Devourer also plays a big part in their beliefs. Not that they encourage the Devourer but they believe he comes. It will be inevitable and we should all prepare for that test.


The Thunder Calls Thehatchback