The seas to the north are a terrible place. A spawning ground of tempests that choke ships indiscriminately, leaving wrecks and ghost ships to slide across the water. Creatures lurk under the waters barely thought of around the rest of the world. It’s no surprise sailors who brave the waters return to port with strange and frightening stories of what they encountered on the frozen seas. Despite (or possibly because of) these dangers, the majority of these
tales are exaggerations or outright lies, making it difficult to sort truth from fiction. But one thing that is true, or at least everyone thinks is true, is the city of Razice. Not a great deal is known about the city, but occasionally there will be ‘agents’ that arrive in the north, looking to trade wares. These people are usually gone before any official can come and have a word.

There are a few things known, from passing talks with such people. The city is ruled by someone named Axidel Grimsickle, who’s race seems to be in question. They refer to her as having wings and a beautiful voice, and then others refer to her by her claws and her disdain. There’s also rumours of something else living deep in the belly of the iceberg that Razice sits on, a powerful creature that she alone speaks to.

The only way that one might get to Razice these days would be some form of powerful magic, lucky sailing or to talk to one of the denizens themselves.



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